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Educator. Author. Speaker. Curriculum Developer. Facilitator. Committed to advancing the work of antiracism with schools, publishers, organizations, corporations, and individuals.

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Kirkus Starred Review!

Stamped (For Kids)

"Educator Cherry-Paul takes the breadth of the first and the jaunty appeal of the second to spin a middle-grade version that manages to be both true to its forebears and yet all her own. She covers the same historical ground, starting with the origins of anti-Blackness and colonialism in medieval Europe, then taking readers through the founding of the U.S.A. and up to the present, with focuses on pivotal figures and pieces of pop culture. Cherry-Paul does an unparalleled job of presenting this complex information to younger readers, borrowing language from Reynolds’ remix (like the definitions of segregationists, assimilationists, and antiracists) and infusing it with her own interpretations, like the brilliant, powerful, haunting metaphor of rope woven throughout."


Watch Dr. Cherry-Paul and Dr. Ibram X. Kendi discuss Stamped (For Kids) and antiracism in the classroom facilitated by educator, Julia Torres.