Together, we’ll develop a vision and build capacity for justice-centered schools where all students thrive.

Our Partnership

At Red Clay Educators Dr. Sonja Cherry-Paul leads the collective work of radically reimagining schools for the purpose of cultivating equitable, humanizing educational spaces. 


Echoed across the research is that all students thrive when educational practices become stances where equity is the sturdy foundation from which all work emerges. Red Clay Educators is dedicated to supporting schools, districts, and educational organizations to build capacity in order to realize transformational change.   


When you partner with Red Clay Educators you can expect professional development that is responsive to your  specific needs. Our work together will be guided by three core principles. 


Working in community with one another, we’ll develop a collective consciousness about injustices, past and present, that profoundly influence our lives and the lives of students. Together, we’ll acquire and apply the skills that help us learn and  unlearn instructional practices and stances in order to achieve liberatory educational outcomes. 




A commitment to equity is a commitment to action. We’ll identify the barriers working to prevent personal, interpersonal, and systemic change in your context. Together, we’ll work with intentionality to implement actionable steps for removing these limitations.  




Essential to advancing the work of equity is our ability to see beyond the limitations of the present, to imagine how things can be different, and to hold ourselves accountable to the work. Together, we’ll engage in an iterative process of evaluating our actions for ways they lead to real, substantive change and determine next steps.

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